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Safe Shopper App

Spreading information, not germs.

Our growing community is committed to sharing information to help others make informed decisions about where to safely  shop, dine and play.


Empowering people in the palm of their hand, the app enables users to quickly assess their risk before choosing a local establishment based on customers' ratings and observations of safety protocols in place.

Join us and spread your information among our Safe Shopper Community.


Our Story

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, our family, like so many others, had dinner together night after night--a rarity in our pre-quarantine life

     Inevitably, the mom's portion of the conversation (insert teenage eye roll ) included a synopsis of where friends and neighbors shopped for groceries or carry-out. While the mom kept mental notes of her friends' observations of which stores were following what safety protocols, the teenagers believed there was an easier way, "There can be an app for that!"

     With their baseball season in limbo, the teens toiled away in between their e-learning and class video calls, to create an app that allows a larger virtual community to share the safety practices of their favorite places. The app enables a community of users to share their observations and experiences at a variety of businesses (from grocery stores to golf courses) and rate these businesses based on their comfort-level shopping there.

So, that's where our story begins...

                                                  --Glenn, Julie, Jack & Sam


The App

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